Colour Conversion Centre 4.0b (Gábor Boronkay)


This Excel2000 file (cccen.xls) is a tool for one who works with different colour models, and has a large number of data. By means of the “Colour Conversion Centre” you can:


- convert the colour parameters between the most widespread colour models, as:

RGB, HLS (alias HSL, HSI), Hunter Lab, CIE Lab, CIE Luv, CIE LCh, and between the standard Munsell and continuously numbered Munsell.

- calculate several type of colour difference (delta E), as:

dE in RGB, Munsell, CMC, CIE76 (dE76), CIE94 (dE94), CIEDE2000 (dE00) in Lab.

1000 calculations can be computed simultaneously in each worksheet.


Download the whole CCC (1,000 rows/sheet)


Download only the CIEDE2000 (30,000 rows/sheet)


E-mail: Gabor Boronkay



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